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Ethical Procurement of Technology Resources

11am - Tuesday 7 June 2022

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Maintaining ethical supply chains and working practices in a digital world.

Ethical procurement has shifted from a ‘nice to have’, or something just for early social and economic equity adopters; to practice that is simply the right thing to do.  In the same way that businesses are now focused more than ever on their environmental impact, ethical procurement is an integral part of solid sustainable practices. 

As part of a sustainable procurement strategy, ethical sourcing takes net benefits to both the buyer (business) and the global community into consideration.  In this ever-increasingly digital world, businesses need to make careful, well-informed decisions when choosing a technology partner.  Not only to be ethically conscientious, protect others who may not be able to protect themselves and avoid inadvertently contributing to unacceptable practices, but also to protect their organisation against reputational and operational harm.   

Register now to join us and our special guests at our ‘Ethical Procurement of technology resources’ webinar on 7th June at 11 am, for a deep dive into ethical procurement and discussion about the challenges facing organisations today.  Our panel of experts address some of the hot topics including: 

  • The challenges and pain points when sourcing technology resources 
  • Ethically managing people as a resource on and off-shore 
  • The wider importance of ethical work practices 

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